Our Mission
Our mission is to introduce golf products that will enhance your enjoyment of your favorite sports.

Let's get serious about improving your golf game.

Our first golf product is a winner!!

We are proud to present the PDR (Portable Driving Range). 

The PDR was designed to improve your golf practice sessions and it will make you a better golfer. 

We also know that other sports can benefit from the PDR. Such sports as disc golf, archery and target shooting.

Visit our Products section to learn about the PDR and our other products being designed and manufactured.

Check out the newest use for the PDR. Use the wheels to measure your drives and get accurate distances left to the greens.  The connector to attach the  PDR to most push carts is FREE!!!

"Original Bag Shag" not included. While our PDR will fit any bag shag,we hope you decide to use this fine product in your PDR. 


Practice chart